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Toulouse greedy city !

Did you know ?

French gastronomy is classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and is even one of the few countries to have obtained this privilege. It is even recognised as “a social practice designed to celebrate important moments in the lives of citizens”.

And do you know ?

Toulouse, of course, has understood this practice and nowadays we can find  a lot of very good restaurants in the city. There are about ten Michelin star chefs. Toulouse is a land with a reputation for good products and excellent culinary traditionsToulouse’s restaurants know how to adapt to all budgets, with a varied clientele ranging from students to tourists who spend a weekend, so you can enjoy very good dishes without sacrificing the quality of products.

Be careful not to upset a resident of Toulouse, because they are very proud of their regional products and among them we find: foie gras, duck magret, Toulouse sausage, cassoulet…

Coming to the Ville Rose is not only for the beauty of the red bricks, the scenery or its cultural diversity, but also for its gourmet cuisine.

So if you like to go out, eat well, taste good wines and share a good time, there’s nothing better than following the tradition of the southwest. Discover our good addresses in our next article.